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This page will list all player-usable weapons available in each Red Faction game.

Click the name of a game below to jump to the weapon guide for that specific game.

Red Faction

Faction Image Name Description Singleplayer? Multiplayer?
UltorLogo.jpg Baton.jpg Control Baton This crowd control weapon can serve as a truncheon or a stun gun. Yes Yes
UltorLogo.jpg Shield.jpg Riot Shield A body-sized translucent shield that is used by the riot guards of Ultor. The riot shield is lightweight but can withstand blast and gunfire damage for a brief period of time. Yes Yes
UltorLogo.jpg Sniper.jpg Sniper Rifle Capable of semi-automatic firing only, this sniper rifle comes standard with an UNVS-8 scope that provides the user with up to 12x zoom. The rifle also features a wind velocity offset that corrects for wind conditions. This weapon is capable of inflicting critical wounds when a head or torso shot is achieved. It is also capable of penetrating light armored vehicles. Yes Yes
UltorLogo.jpg Smg.jpg Submachine Gun This weapon is slightly larger than the handgun and is capable of full automatic fire. Heavier than the handgun, the machine pistol offers better control in full auto mode, though it remains inaccurate at medium or long range. Ultor officers (the guard commanders) get assault rifles as standard weapons. Yes (Both modes) Yes (12mm mode only)
UltorLogo.jpg Shotty.jpg Shotgun This weapon is a military-grade shotgun capable of semi-automatic and full automatic fire. Recoil in semi-automatic mode is slightly less than a civilian 10-gauge shotgun. Fully automatic fire is more difficult to control because of the recoil compensator's response time. Yes Yes
UltorLogo.jpg Pistol.jpg 12mm Pistol This basic semi-automatic handgun packs a serious punch against unarmored targets. The handgun can penetrate body armor but with significantly less impact. This weapon is standard issue for Ultor security guards and officers. The Handgun can be fired underwater. Yes Yes (Silencer unavailable)
UltorLogo.jpg Grenade.jpg Grenade This weapon is a high explosive anti-personnel device with a kill radius of 5 meters. This weapon has a 4-second timer that starts when thrown. Hand grenades are highly effective against unarmored personnel and moderately effective against armored personnel. Yes Yes
UltorLogo.jpg Ar.jpg Assault Rifle This weapon is designed to offer all the benefits of a full-length rifle in a compact design. It is capable of firing three-round bursts or full automatic fire. Compared to fully automatic fire, three-round bursts offer increased control and aim but potentially decreased force, unless fired at close range. The high-velocity armor-piercing shells inflict massive damage on unarmed targets and will penetrate body armor easily. This is the standard rifle issued to Ultor soldiers. Yes Yes
Rflogo.jpg Flame.jpg Flame Thrower This weapon is based on the Ultor Defoliator, used for clearing plant growth. It shoots a flaming stream of fuel that sticks on contact and burns for up to 30 seconds. This weapon has been modified to shoot a flame twice as far as the cost of faster fuel consumption. Yes Yes
Rflogo.jpg C4.jpg Remote Charge This is a medium-sized, high-explosive remotely detonated charge. It has a kill radius of 10 meters. Only one charge can be detonated by gunfire or blast damage. They are effective against unarmored and armored personnel as well as light vehicles. Yes Yes
Rflogo.jpg Rocket.jpg Rocket Launcher The weapon is capable of firing its rockets in "dumb" or "homing" (i.e., heat-seeking) mode. Once homing mode is selected, it takes approx. 2.75 seconds for the thermal imaging sensor to achieve target lock. The weapon beeps when locked onto a target. Once fired, the rocket tracks the target until contact or until it runs out of fuel. Yes Yes (Homing mode unavailable)
Merc logo.jpg Fusion.jpg Fusion Rocket Launcher Huge shoulder-mounted weapon that fires a single powerful shell capable of massive amounts of damage. Yes Yes
Merc logo.jpg Pr.jpg Precision Rifle Single fire, explosive round with precision accuracy. Yes Yes
Merc logo.jpg Hmg.jpg Heavy Machine Gun A terribly inaccurate, but fast firing weapon. Holds tons of ammo and best used when raw firepower and maximum supression is required. Yes Yes
Merc logo.jpg Rail.jpg Rail Driver This weapon was brought to Mars by Col. Masako's mercenaries. Capable of firing metal slugs at ultra-high velocity, the rail gun can penetrate walls. Yes Yes

Red Faction II

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Faction Image Name Description Singleplayer? Multiplayer?
Rfg aim 03.jpg Rfgpistol.jpg Pistol Standard issue EDF sidearm Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Rfgassaultrifle.jpg Assault Rifle Standard issue EDF assault rifle. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Edfenforcer.jpg Enforcer An EDF assault rifle with rocket propelled guided bullets. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Rfgsbomb.jpg Singularity Bomb This pulls in all the matter around it then explodes. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Rfgpeacekeeper.jpg Peacekeeper Standard issue automatic EDF shotgun. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Rfgsniper.jpg Sniper Rifle Specialist issue firearm in the EDF's elite infantry divisions. Great for long range assassainations. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Edfgauss.jpg Gauss Rifle Portable version of the EDF's lethal Gauss Turret can create holes in the walls. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Rfgrail.jpg Rail Driver Specialist issue firearm in the EDF's elite infantry divisions with this you can see EDF, allys, and marauders through solid objects. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 03.jpg Subverter A machine pistol carried by all EDF grunts in the Demons of the Badlands expansion pack. Yes No
Rfg aim 09.jpg Thermobaric lg.jpg Thermobaric Rocket Launcher This superweapon launches a gigantic projectile which can be detonated in mid-air. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Sledge.jpg Sledgehammer This mining tool has been enhanced with servo motors to deliver 9000+lb of pressure. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Arcwelder.jpg Arc-Welder This electric weapon is attracted to metal targets and can chain to multiple enemies can kill drivers of vehicles and gunners. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Grinder.jpg Grinder This weapon shoots spinning metal blades. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Proxmines.jpg Proximity Mines Explosives which detonate when enemies come too close. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Reconstructor.jpg Reconstructor This multiplayer-only weapon is used to reconstruct structures after they've been damaged in Damage Control and Siege gametypes. No Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Remoteminingcharges.jpg Remote Mining Charge Sticky bombs which detonate sequentially. Yes Yes
Rfg aim 09.jpg Rfgrocketlauncher.jpg Rocket Launcher Shoots rocket propelled grenades. Yes Yes
Rfg marauder.jpg Maraudershotgun 0.jpg Shotgun This salvaged Red Faction-era weapon is used by the Marauders. Yes Yes
Rfg marauder.jpg Maraudergutter.jpg Gutter This melee weapon was developed by the Marauders for currently unknown purposes. Yes No
Rfg marauder.jpg Impaler This melee weapon was developed by the Marauders for currently unknown purposes. Only on the Demons of the Badlands expansion pack. Yes No
Rfg marauder.jpg Spiker This ranged weapon is a portable version of the Marauders Harpoon Turrent. Only on the Demons of the Badlands expansion pack. Yes No
Rfg marauder.jpg Missle Pod This weapon was developed by the Marauders which fires dumb fire rockets at a high rate of fire. Only on the Demons of the Badlands expansion pack. Yes No
Rfg marauder.jpg Spike mines This weapon is the Marauders equivalent to miners remote charges but use a spike to burry into the ground. Only on Demons of the Badlands expansion pack. Yes No
UltorLogo.jpg Ultornanorifle.jpg Nanorifle This weapon shoots nanites which take apart solid matter molecule by molecule and made with the Nano Forge. Yes Yes
UltorLogo.jpg Pickaxe This weapon was used by the Ultor miners and is now a lethal tool of death. Only on Demons of the Badlands expansion pack. Yes No

Red Faction: Armageddon