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  • A Marauder holding the Shotgun.

    The Marauders are a mysterious people that appear in Red Faction: Guerrilla. They inhabit the Badlands sector of Tharsis, Mars. They are the descendants of Ultor scientists from the first game in the series. They are hostile toward all other groups, happily killing members of both the Earth Defense Force and the Red Faction.

    The Marauders worship Dr. Axel Capek as a god, having built many shrines dedicated to him and the Ultor Corporation.

    Behavior and Culture


    The Marauders simply refuse to interact with other human beings in a peaceful manner. There are only two Maruaders that speak clearly throughout the game. The rest never speak, only grunting and yelling at Alec Mason or each other. Though it wouldn't quite be true to say they are unintelligent, they are certainly not at the same IQ level as their ancestors from fifty years ago.

    Occasionally they can, with no prompting from the player, be found attacking EDF soldiers and property, sometimes inadvertently assisting the player. But it's best not to get in their way when they are carrying out these actions, or they will focus all their efforts into eliminating the player first.


    By nature, they are scavengers, salvaging what they can from the inhabitants of Mars that are foolish enough to stray into the Badlands. There are several audio diaries that indicate that the recording parties met their end at the hands of the Marauders. The Marauders' weaponry tends to be cobbled together from junk that they find around them, and occasionally from stolen EDF and Red Faction technology. Their vehicles are as wild and feral looking as their creators.


    The Marauders are generally perceived as mysterious, brutal savages. It is entirely possible, however, that they simply hide their intelligence from the outsiders they so strongly loathe. At least one Marauder has been shown to be highly intelligent. The Marauders' technology is also an indicator of their intelligence; while it is largely formed from stolen or scavenged parts, the tech can at times be quite advanced.


    All the Marauders wear masks or helmets that vaguely resemble improvised gas masks.


    In addition to attacking Alec Mason, at some point during the story the Red Faction will ally itself with the Marauders to achieve an objective.

    Prior to the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla, a Marauder named Samanya rescued Dan Mason and Hugo Davies from an EDF prison camp in Mariner Valley. She later defected to the newly-revived Red Faction. In Red Faction: Guerrilla, the Marauders were hostile toward the Red Faction. However, their leader, Vasha, was forced to establish a truce with the miners to destroy the Hydra. During the attack on the ship, Vasha was killed, and the terms of the peace agreement -- the giving of the Nano Forge to the Marauders -- were not honored; this may have led to a renewed enmity between the Marauders and the miners.

    Red Faction: Origins


    During Red Faction: Origins the Marauders and colonists are less hostile, but still severely mistrusting of one another. They are led by the Matriarch and keep to their own sections of Tharsis. The paths of the two sides cross when Jake Mason, whilst trying to find his sister, Lyra Mason encounters Corvallis and Leo, two Marauders, who after a short scuffle, agree to help Jake due the fact he had an understanding of Marauder traditions owing to the fact Samanya was his mother.

    Marauder society, like in Red Faction: Guerrilla still relies on salvage and bartering as its primary economy, whilst associating with black market dealers to get higher technologies.

    After Jake tries to get some tech off of their black market dealer, Grogan, in Asimov, during a tense and somehwat heated exchange in which Grogan demands too much to part with the tech, Tess hacks the tech instead.

    Corvallis and Leo show up later to save Jake and Tess from the White Faction, returning with them to the Jakes home town, only to be arrested, alongside Jake for abandoning his post in the Red Faction force. They break out Jake alongside his father Alec Mason who also was arrested for contacting the Matriarch without alerting Red Faction.

    The 2 sides unite in one last mission to save Lyra from White Faction, ultimately succeeding in this goal, despite losing Alec shortly afterwards as he destroys White Faction's Dreadnought.

    After this Jake tries suggesting to the Matriarch that its time the colonists, Red Faction & the Marauders stopped being as hostile and mistrusting to one another, and started working together to rebuild Mars into a better planet for all of them to live together. She is rather hesitant but at the insistence of her Son, Leo, she softens. This paves the way to a more united front to face the issues of the future.

    Red Faction: Armageddon

    RFA Marauder

    By Red Faction: Armageddon The Marauders and Colonists had become less aggressive to one another, though still kept to themselves. During the events of the campaign, the Marauders, by way of Kara, help Darius Mason, as he helps them, to defend their locations from the plague infestation. Through this, renewed unity between the colonists, the Red Faction and the Marauders became possible, as a united front battled the plague infestation.

    Whilst The goal is completed, Kara is unfortunately grabbed by a Tentacle tendril, and is pulled into the abyss of the caverns below the planet, both angering and motivating Darius to finish the plague infestation for good.


    • They come in two variants: Ravager, and Raider. Raiders wear what looks like a canister or jug of some sort with a cut-open circle with glass attached. They are more durable and mainly stick with their faction's main weapons.
    • They will wield only Gauss Rifles later in the game when they become allies.
    • Storyline-wise, they are regularly first encountered in the Ultor Echo mission.

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