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Red Faction, Red Faction II, Red Faction: Guerrilla
Location(s) Mars (RF1, RFII, RF:G) Earth (Saints Row)
Notable Member(s) Hendrix
Weapon(s) 12mm Pistol, Control Baton, Nano Rifle (Used by the Red Faction)

The Ultor Corporation was a corporation that mainly operated on Mars. Formed during the early twenty-first century, Ultor began as an Earth-based clothing company before later expanding into various other markets, including mining. The now-disbanded company is best known for the many human rights abuses that took place at the forced labor camps it operated during its mining enterprises.

The company appears in two series produced by Volition Inc.: Saints Row and Red Faction.


Saints Row

The Ultor Corporation was founded in 2003. Originally a clothing company, Ultor expanded into various other markets over the course of the next five years. Ultor considered entering the mining business as early as 2008, and may have even planned on mining Mars at that time.

Red Faction

As the twenty-first century progressed, Earth ran out of usable minerals. Ultor decided to take advantage of the shortage, expanding its mining business to Mars and establishing numerous mining colonies on the planet. By the year 2070, Ultor was well-established, having become an integral component in Earth's economy. Unbeknownst to the general population of Earth, however, human rights abuses ran rampant in the mining colonies, and Ultor's miners were regularly subjected to deplorable living conditions, sub-standard medical treatment, and physical violence. Ultor also allowed miners to fall victim to an unidentified disease known as the Plague. Miners often used recreational drugs as a temporary means of psychological escape; it was possible that Ultor profited off the distribution of such drugs.

In 2074, a miner operating under the alias "Eos" formed a small and secret group of rebellious miners known as the Red Faction. Eos, who had been motivated primarily by Ultor's complacency with the Plague, planned to bring about the complete destruction of the Ultor Corporation. Over the course of the next four years, Eos and her followers stole weapons from the guards, hiding them in covert, improvised weapon caches strewn throughout the mining camp. The Red Faction also took advantage of the Plague, distributing pamphlets that blamed Ultor.

It was in 2075 that Parker joined the Ultor Corporation, becoming employed as a miner and witnessing Ultor's brutality firsthand. Later that year, he was contacted by Hendrix, a rogue security employee working for Ultor. Hendrix provided Parker with critical assistance, allowing him to link up with the Red Faction. Parker helped the Red Faction discover the truth behind the Plague: the Plague was the result of nanotechnology experiments conducted by Capek, an Ultor scientist. Parker's assistance would later allow the Earth Defense Force (EDF) to land. The EDF dismantled the Ultor Corporation and arrested or shot many of their employees. It is assumed that the company would've stood trial on Earth for the abuses on Mars.

Red Faction II

In 2080, the EDF reconstructed the Ultor Corporation, and the company became more humane. Ultor's new objective was the production of biological enhancements and improved weaponry for EDF soldiers, with research into the former being facilitated by Capek's supplies. The resulting research would be stolen, sold, and resold repeatedly, eventually ending up in the hands of Victor Sopot, who used it to create a squad of supersoldiers. Quickly fearing his own creations, Sopot tried and failed to kill the enhanced beings. The Ultor Corporation's fate after that is unknown.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

It is unknown whether Ultor plays a part in Red Faction: Guerrilla or not. The Ultor symbol has been spotted on propaganda in Red Faction: Guerrilla, on signs and buildings within the tutorial mission, and the Nano Rifle features an Ultor symbol; however this is most likely because the Nano Forge powering the gun was created by Capek, an enemy in Red Faction and an employee of Ultor.

Throughout the story, Ultor is mentioned in various radio tags and in some missions, such as the one in which the Nano Forge is obtained. Throughout the Badlands, you can find ruins of the old Capek nanotech labs from the first Red Faction.

UFC 2009 Undisputed

Within this game there is one notice for the Ultor Corporation. It appears as one of the sponsors in career mode, nothing else appears to have connection a with Ultor within the game. This appearance is perhaps because THQ was the designer of the game, and Volition Inc. is division of THQ.


On Mars, Ultor has a large mining complex. The complex is composed primarily of:

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