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  • Dan said they'd take everything... For me, they already have. „
    — Alec Mason

    Alec Mason is a named major character in Red Faction: Guerrilla. The game's protagonist, Alec Mason immigrated to Mars in 2125, hoping that his brother, Dan Mason, could get him a mining job on the planet. As Dan drove his brother to his trailer, he bitterly described the oppression and brutality practiced by the Earth Defense Force; after liberating Mars in 2075, the EDF perpetrated various injustices.


    Alec Mason has lived a nomadic existence, traveling all around Earth looking for work, and Mars is just the latest in a long line of moves - most due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lured to the red planet by his brother, Dan, Alec is just looking for a way to make a living. Not as idealistic as his younger brother, Alec would rather find a place to call home than try and change the world „
    — PC Game Manual


    Dan Mason's warnings about the EDF proved prophetic when an EDF AAX Raven killed him. As a grieving Alec returned to his trailer, he found an EDF patrol waiting for him. The patrol had searched and ransacked the trailer and found explosives -- a legitimate tool of Alec's trade. Branding him a terrorist and a member of the revived Red Faction, an EDF officer ordered the squad to execute him. The execution was interrupted by a Red Faction squad, who gunned down most of the squad -- Mason used his sledgehammer to finish off the last officer.

    The new Red Faction's leader, Hugo Davies, approached Alec Mason and, without bothering to introduce himself, grimly informed Mason that, like it or not, he just joined the rebellion.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    Alec Mason is the player character in Red Faction: Guerrilla, and played a crucial role in the resistance against the Earth Defense Force. As a member of the Red Faction, he made the pivotal discovery of an unidentified Marauder device within an old Ultor mine. This discovery proved to be a game-changer, as it enabled Samanya to develop the Nano Forge, which would then be utilized for the creation of the Nano Rifle, a powerful weapon that bolstered the Red Faction's arsenal in their struggle against the EDF; as well as a destructive device that ultimately would be used to destroy the Hydra.

    Additionally, Alec's actions and contributions were instrumental in fostering unity between the Marauders, led by Vasha, and the Red Faction. This truce led to the formation of a permanent alliance between these groups, strengthening their resistance against the EDF and altering the course of the conflict on Mars​​.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla (Mobile)

    In RF:G (Mobile), an unnamed protagonist carries out various assignments to hit EDF targets, and eventually becomes an ally of the Marauders upon rescuing a group of them from EDF captivity. Based on promotional material for the game, it is extremely likely that this unnamed protagonist is Alec Mason, though this remains unconfirmed.

    Red Faction: Origins

    Alec Mason is an older, more rugged man in Red Faction: Origins. He has a son, Jake Mason, and a daughter, Lyra Mason to his wife Samanya. After White Faction kill Samanya and kidnap Lyra, he grows to be resentful and turns to alcohol. Meanwhile his son, who works his way up through Red Faction, has to constantly arrest him for disturbing the peace on the streets of the colony they live in. Alec refuses to believe his daughter is alive even after Jake confronts him to tell him she is.

    After Jake goes on a daring mission to try and find his sister, Alec calls the Matriarch of the Marauders, Omaya, to try and prevent Marauders from attacking his son, as their is regional boundaries and very loose alliances between Red Faction and Marauders. He is arrested for calling Omaya from his home. Whilst in his jail cell, Jake is also imprisoned for desertion and ends up with him, accompanied by Corvallis and Leo, who subsequently break them out of their cage. It is here Jake once again tells his father that Lyra is alive and finally Alec relents and believes him. Alec and Jake together fly to the White Faction dreadnought to stop them from firing their thermobaric rockets at Colonial and Marauder locations on Mars, as they try to spark a war. Jake leaves to find his sister and Alec waits in the pilot seat, eventually Jake and Lyra return to the ship and they attempt to flee the dreadnought.

    Once in the air, the dreadnought fires anti-air defence missiles at the ship, which is eventually struck, forcing a crash landing. When on the ground, Alec over hears Jake talking to the Red Faction base, and upon learning that the dreadnought has turned its targeting towards the Terraformer, he returns to the pilot seat of the damaged ship, and despite pleas from Jake to not do it, takes himself and the ship to a pyrrhic victory, defeating the dreadnought and killing himself in the process.

    You know I told you that you reminded me a lot of me, that's not the truth, truth is son, you're a better man than I ever was. You were able to help me fulfil a promise to your mother that I was never able to keep, you brought your sister back. Thank you son. Thank you.
    Lyra can you hear me? You're as...You're as beautiful as your mother. I love you. You're home now sweetheart. You're home.
    — Alec Mason


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