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  • Adam Hale is a major character in Red Faction: Armageddon. The game's antagonist, he is responsible for many events in the game.


    Every true enemy of the Masons, the Marauders, and the Martians is ultimately an enemy of freedom. „
    — Official Prima Game Guide

    The Cultist leader, Adam Hale, was many things to many people, which might explain why he had been so successful. To his followers, he was the symbol of all the mysticism - past, present and future - that Mars promised to the faithful. His enemies saw him as a ruthless charlatan who would use any and all means to gain power. Others saw a conflicted individual, who was willing to enact horrible means in order to reach a transcendent end.

    The varied opinions about Hale had no clear right and wrong. Hale kept his true motives to himself. Starting with a group of extremist EDF stragglers, Hale seized upon the supremacist philosophy of the Marauders shortly after the turn of the 22nd Century. His charm and wit belied his absolute willingness to do whatever was required to put the Cultists on top. His extremist viewpoints sounded almost reasonable until the Cultists decided to try and destroy the Martian Terraformer.

    Hale was presumed killed in the process... but his body was never found. Some say that he still stalks the Martian Badlands, and that he is looking for something... some place... where he will unlock true power. The power to rule Mars.


    Hale Info
    Hale Destroying the Terraformer
    Hale after tricking Darius