Nano Forge

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The Nano Forge is an experimental piece of technology created by using Nanotechnology, used and tested for deconstructing enviroment. Ultor tested the Nano Forge on many things. The Nano Forge engineers microscopic robots, called nanites, that deconstruct the molecular structure of objects (such as a wall) and/or any lifeform it touches. Ultor injected this experiment into a weapon, and formed their creation known as the Nano Rifle.

The Nano Forge in Red Faction: Guerrilla during a mission.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

After the Ultor Corporation's defeat, the Nano Rifle was salvaged in most of the collapsed labs of Ultor by the Earth Defense Force. In 2128, the Ultor Nano Rifle was captured and used by the Red Faction, during the Red Faction - EDF war. The Nano Forge should be used with care, as it can even kill it's user very easily. The Nano Forge can be found in the Comm Room of the Ultor Facility near Capek's Inner Sanctum. It is put in a somewhat shrine for the Nano Forge. A theory of the skull on the shrine of the Nano Forge is that it's Capek's skull genetically engineered to be larger

Red Faction: Armageddon

The Nano Forge is a device used to reconstruct semi-demolished walls, catwalks, and so on. Utilizing a miniature fission reactor and an artificial intelligence built into the machine’s housing, an array of miniature magnetic “lenses” can restructure most simple surfaces. The Nano Forge’s energy core has a half-life of several thousand years, though it does tend to overheat. As you progress through the game, salvage can be spent at upgrade stations to unlock additional upgrades for the Nano Forge. As the tiers of the upgrade station are unlocked, additional enhancements for each Nano Forge ability may be purchased with salvage.

Originally created by Ultor scientist Axel Capek, the Nano Forge has become a prized Mason family heirloom since it was discovered by Alec Mason and modified by Samanya, Darius’s grandparents. The Situational Awareness Module, an artificial intelligence known as S.A.M., was designed and constructed by Samanya as a fail-safe monitor for the Nano Forge. Utilizing scanners and a super-processor, its CPU fits into the palm of a hand, though it usually resides within a structure crafted by Darius Mason to wear on his wrist. S.A.M. aids Darius by giving advice, by calculating odds of survival for different routes, and by being a “second brain” that looks after the safety of Darius and, thus, the safety of the Nano Forge. Though not strictly “sentient” or emotional, Darius swears that S.A.M.’s deadpan delivery of the facts is laced with sarcasm. The AI was designed with this in mind, however: to maintain a calm, rational thought process during a firefight.