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  • It's like trying to find a needle in a stack of bodies! „
    — Mandril Shrike

    Mandril Shrike is a named major character in Red Faction II. Serving as the driver and vehicle expert for the Nano-Squad led by Molov and created by Victor Sopot. Shrike assists the squad until the betrayal halfway through the game where he sides with Molov as they turn on the Red Faction squad, however later swaps sides again to help Alias and Tangier to defeat Molov.


    Not much is known about Mandril Shrike, just that he is described as a "madman with a taste for speed" by his squad leader.

    Shrike alongside Alias led a group of soldiers to infiltrate the Kn.A.N.O. base to steal the Nano-Cell and turn it over to Sopot, who in turn used it to create his army of super soldiers before casting them aside as too dangerous, Shrike was one of these soldiers.

    As the Squad ready up to siege the Public Information Building to kill Sopot, Shrike drops them off nearby via boat on one of the cities canals, and then heads off to get his gunship.

    Physicians Profile

    • Subject Number: 888
    • Process Date: May 18, 2161.

    A 6-year veteran of the army air corps, subject is a specialist in all forms of military transportation and has foreign service experience. Subject's ability to think creatively has made him an excellent choice for a large number of high-risk operations. Service file notes that the subject is educated, skilful, and confident, but has not been recommended for promotion due to a tendency to "creatively interpret orders." Subject feels that volunteering for processing will gain him the promotion he desires. Pre-processing, this subject's psychological profile indicated an above-average and highly creative intellect coupled with superior problem-solving abilities. Post-processing, the subject demonstrated faster reaction times and increased belief in his mental superiority and physical invulnerability.

    (Note: subject among 56% of processed exhibiting a variety of measurable psychological changes.)


    • Shrike is the only member of the squad who doesn't appear as himself throughout the campaign, only seen in cutscenes and heard as the driver of the vehicles.


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