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  • It was symbolic! „
    — Echo

    Echo is a named major character in Red Faction II. Echo is the leader of the Red Faction on Earth, leading a revolution against the Commonwealth and its Dictator - Victor Sopot. Echo is constantly communicating with Molov's squad throughout their missions, regularly asking them to aid the red faction members combating Sopot forces. At the midway point, Echo is preparing to hail in a new era of peace, when suddenly Molov and the squad turn on the red faction, killing everyone, but leaving Echo alive for a public execution. Tangier sneaks in and saves both Echo and Alias from the group as they all make an escape. Echo is Assassinated by Quill shortly after.


    Not much is known about Echo. However Molov and Quill indicates some resentment to Echo and the forces of the red faction, continuously referring to them as weak and under-performing.

    As the Squad assaults the Public Information Building, Echo and his forces are seemingly fighting Sopot forces in the streets.


    • Echo is the only major character apart from Sopot himself that is not nano-enhanced.


    In Game Model