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  • Damn I'm good! „
    — Sophie Quill

    Sophie Quill is a named major character in Red Faction II. Serving as the long range sniper specialist for the Nano-Squad led by Molov and created by Victor Sopot. Quill frequently shows up either in cutscenes or in the distance to kill enemies in Alias' way. Quill sides with Molov after the betrayal and is the first squad member Alias faces off against in the second act.


    Not much is known about Sophie Quill, just that she is described as a "Sharpshooter, a killer without a conscience" by her squad leader.

    As the Squad ready up to siege the Public Information Building to kill Sopot, Quill stands on nearby rooftops using her precision rifle to take out guards from a distance.

    Physicians Profile

    • Subject Number: 755
    • Process Date: May 18, 2161.

    Service records note that subject is an expert sniper who has been successfully inserted into numerous high-risk situations on foreign soil. Subject is highly decorated and has been commended for her courage under fire. The subject has no political convictions or unit loyalty, but expressed willingness to do "whatever it takes" to augment her physical abilities. Processing has improved the subject's already impressive athleticism and coordination. Subject was enthusiastic about her improved prowess and the ability to "think more clearly."

    (Note: this was the only subject who reported taking pleasure in the transformation process.)

    (Note: subject is among the 27% of subjects who show no significant psychological change post-processing.)