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  • Don't Waste the lives we took today... Sopot must die! For the Honour of the Commonwealth! „
    — Crate Molov

    Crate Molov is a named major character in Red Faction II. Serving as the Leader of the Elite Squad of Nano-Enhanced super soldiers created by Victor Sopot. Molov is both a member of the Red Faction resistance but changes sides halfway through the story and becomes the Central Antagonist after Sopots death.


    Molov's speciality in leadership allows him lead a special squad of super soldiers considered too dangerous to be left alive. The group consists of 5 other members; Alias, Tangier, Shrike, Repta & Quill. Together the squad also join forces with the newly formed Red Faction resistance group - led by Echo. However throughout this alliance Molov insists he is in charge of the squad and commands complete loyalty to his orders alone. As the resistance to the Commonwealth gets ever tenser, the group spots an opportunity to kill Sopot whilst he is at the Public Information Building central to the Propaganda machine of the Commonwealth.

    Physicians Profile

    • Subject Number: 01
    • Process Date: May 14, 2161.

    Army of the commonwealth commander and decorated war hero, the subject strongly supports the chancellor's program for nano-technology experimentation. recently appointed to the position of Secretary of Defense, the subject is an outspoken advocate for the creation of a force of nano-technology enhanced soldiers. The subject was the first to volunteer for processing. post-processing, he reported to Chancellor Sopot: "amplification of physical prowess and combat skills are well worth the extreme but transient pain experienced by fighting personnel during the transformation process."

    (Note: subject among 56% of processed exhibiting a variety of measurable psychological changes. Subject demonstrates heightened sense of responsibility, enhanced confidence, and increased aggression.)

    (Note: post-processing, subject's i.q. rose radically)


    • Despite seen carrying a shotgun during cutscenes and in some artwork, Molov does not use the weapon in game, instead opting to use the NICW rifle or Rail Driver.