Alias Burke

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Alias Burke
Alias render.jpg
Alias Burke
Game(s) Red Faction II
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Alignment Commonwealth (Before RF2), Red Faction (RF2)

Alias Burke is a named major character in Red Faction II. The game's protagonist, he is a super-soldier who originally worked under the regime of Commonwealth Chancellor Victor Sopot. Sopot's paranoia later led him to betray his super-soldiers. Alias, with the assistance of five other such soldiers, fought back.


Not much is known about Alias's life prior to his participation in Sopot's nanotechnology experiments. He was born on May 18, 2137, and on May 19, 2161, at the age of twenty-four, received nanotechnology augmentations. He has no known living family.

Sopot had obtained nanotechnology and used it to create an army of super-soldiers; Alias was one of these soldiers. When he was twenty-four years (and one day) old, Alias voluntarily participated in one or more unspecified experiments that enhanced his physical and mental abilities. He was one of only twenty-seven percent of test subjects who showed no significant psychological changes.

Following these experiments, Alias became a seven-year veteran of Sopot Special Forces with foreign service experience, specializing in demolitions. He was highly decorated, having received Chancellor Sopot's quattro-cluster for heroism and the Sopot medal of valor.

In Red Faction: Guerrilla

In Red Faction: Guerrilla, a Radio Tag left by Alias can be found in the northeastern section of Eos. In the recording, he begins to reminisce of his past battles and achievements for and against the Commonwealth.

RFGRadioTag 27.jpg Alias' Radio Tag
Location Eos
Text All those times I almost died for the Commonwealth, never once did I think I'd die on Mars. I miss the old gang--Molov, Tangier, Quill, Repta, hell, even Shrike.