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    Red Faction II

  • Heroic Stars

    The Heroic System is the name given to the morale meter in Red Faction II.


    The Heroic System plays an important part in the games mechanics, influencing the outcome of the games ending cinematic dialogue depending on where your score landed within the system.

    You can influence the system in a few ways, most notably by completing Bonus Objectives - indicated by a green star image that will pop up on the hud when completion is achieved. This infers that you have completed a Heroic Objective or perhaps found a secret route to avoid enemies. The other format of influencing the meter comes from killing civilians or members of the Red Faction, indicated by a red star image that pops up in the same location. This will reduce your score overall. The game has 4 endings in total which change the resulting outcome after the final level is completed. They are called;

    • I Remember Sopot
    • Glory Days
    • Judgement Day
    • On The Road Again


    I Remember Sopot (Best Ending)

    Alias accepts as position as Military Advisor to the newly formed Red Faction Government, when he retired, his memoirs were made into a book and was on the best seller list for 17 weeks, and eventually made into a video game.

    Tangier survived her fall and was rescued by a passing boat, and eventually re-immigrated to Mars and became Executive Vice President of Security for the Reorganised Ultor Mining Company.

    Shrike remained in the Commonwealth and married into a family of Circus performers, eventually making his fortune as the star performer at a theme park built on the remains of Sopot Island

    Glory Days (Good Ending)

    Alias was decorated for his acts of valour and accepted a position as military advisor to the newly formed Red Faction Government.

    Tangier Survived her fall and was rescued by Alias and Shrike. She went on to pursue a career in Politics and became the Commonwealths first Chancellor as a result of democratic election.

    Shrike used his skills as a pilot to become a civilian consultant for the reformed Commonwealth air force.

    Judgement Day (Bad Ending)

    Alias was branded a mutant and a danger to the Commonwealth and was sentenced to death. He managed a daring escape prior to public execution and was never heard from again.

    Although Tangier survived her fall from Sopot Statue, she was never located, her body was never recovered.

    Because of his odd appearance and psychological problems, Shrike ended up unemployed and homeless.

    On The Road Again (Worst Ending)

    Alias was tried by the Red Faction government for the massacre on the Red Faction headquarters. Although the evidence of numerous murdered civilians was circumstantial, no one came forward to corroborate his version of events. He was convicted of murder and awaits execution.

    Tangier survived her fall and was rescued by a passing garbage scow. She fell in love with the boats captain, they married and she lived happily ever after on the boat with her husband, 6 children, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

    Judged to be to unstable to be trusted Shrike was thrown out of the Commonwealth by the Red Faction Government. Eventually he was shot down as he was smuggling bootleg video games into the Commonwealth from third world countries.