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Weapon Of The Week was a feature that Volition Inc. had on the official Red Faction website leading up to the launch of Red Faction, back in 2001. This feature has been remade for Red Faction: Guerrilla in 2008. See Weapon Of The Week (Red Faction: Guerrilla) for more information.

June 1, 2001

Control Baton

(UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton)

  • Description: This crowd control weapon can serve as a truncheon or a stun gun.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: Battery Cell
  • Range: Short
  • Primary Fire: Swing baton as club
  • Alternate Fire: Electric Shock mode

May 29, 2001

Remote Charge

(URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge)

  • Description: This is a medium-sized, high-explosive remotely detonated charge. It has a kill radius of 10 meters. Only one charge can be detonated by gunfire or blast damage. They are effective against unarmored and armored personnel as well as light vehicles.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: N/A
  • Range: Short
  • Primary Fire: Throws and detonates the charge
  • Alternate Fire: N/A

May 25, 2001

Sniper Rifle

(USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle)

  • Description: Capable of semi-automatic firing only, this sniper rifle comes standard with an UNVS-8 scope that provides the user with up to 12x zoom. The rifle also features a wind velocity offset that corrects for wind conditions. This weapon is capable of inflicting critical wounds when a head or torso shot is achieved. It is also capable of penetrating light armored vehicles.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: .50 caliber armor piercing bullets/6 rounds
  • Range: Short to Very Long
  • Primary Fire: Fires one round
  • Alternate Fire: Activates/deactivates the scope, hold down for zoom

May 22, 2001

Submachine Gun

(UAP-32/20 Ultor Submachine Gun)

  • Description: This weapon is slightly larger than the handgun and is capable of full automatic fire. Heavier than the handgun, the machine pistol offers better control in full auto mode, though it remains inaccurate at medium or long range. Ultor officers (the guard commanders) get assault rifles as standard weapons.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 12mm bullets/30 rounds; 5.56mm high velocity armor piercing bullets/20 rounds
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Primary Fire: Fire rounds, automatic
  • Alternate Fire: Toggle between 12mm and 5.56mm rounds

May 15, 2001

Fusion Rocket Launcher

(F-1TL Fusion Rocket Launcher)

  • Description: Huge shoulder-mounted weapon that fires a single powerful shell capable of massive amounts of damage.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: Single, tube launched
  • Range: Long
  • Primary Fire: Fires a single large shell and has a long reload time after each shot
  • Alternate Fire: N/A

May 11, 2001


(UAS-10 Ultor Automatic Combat Shotgun)

  • Description: This weapon is a military-grade shotgun capable of semi-automatic and full automatic fire. Recoil in semi-automatic mode is slightly less than a civilian 10-gauge shotgun. Fully automatic fire is more difficult to control because of the recoil compensator's response time.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 10 gauge buckshot shells/8 rounds
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Primary Fire: Fires a double shot, pump action
  • Alternate Fire: Fires a round every 0.15 seconds, continuous fire

May 8, 2001

Precision Rifle

(MK/SG-1 Defender Precision Rifle)

  • Description: Single fire, explosive round with precision accuracy.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 5.56mm explosive ammo/20 rounds
  • Range: Long
  • Primary Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Alternate Fire: Activates/deactivates the scope, hold down for zoom

May 4, 2001

12mm Pistol

(USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol)

  • Description: This basic semi-automatic handgun packs a serious punch against unarmored targets. The handgun can penetrate body armor but with significantly less impact. This weapon is standard issue for Ultor security guards and officers. The Handgun can be fired underwater.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 12 mm. bullets/16 rounds
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Primary Fire: Fire round, semi-automatic
  • Alternate Fire: Attach/detach silencer

May 1, 2001

Flame Thrower

(UFT-1 Ultor Flame Thrower)

  • Description: This weapon is based on the Ultor Defoliator, used for clearing plant growth. It shoots a flaming stream of fuel that sticks on contact and burns for up to 30 seconds. This weapon has been modified to shoot a flame twice as far as the cost of faster fuel consumption.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: Fuel Tank
  • Range: Short to Medium
  • Primary Fire: Shoots a 4-meter flame
  • Alternate Fire: Remove and throw fuel canister as an incendiary bomb

April 27, 2001


(UHG-90 Ultor Offensive Hand Grenade)

  • Description: This weapon is a high explosive anti-personnel device with a kill radius of 5 meters. This weapon has a 4-second timer that starts when thrown. Hand grenades are highly effective against unarmored personnel and moderately effective against armored personnel.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: NA
  • Range: Short
  • Primary Fire: Toss as an impact grenade
  • Alternate Fire: Toss grenade with a 4-second timer

April 24, 2001

Heavy Machine Gun

(JF60-HMG/BF Heavy Supression Machine Gun)

  • Description: A terribly inaccurate, but fast firing weapon. Holds tons of ammo and best used when raw firepower and maximum supression is required.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: .50 Caliber/Belt Fed, typically 99 rounds
  • Range: Long
  • Primary Fire: Full Auto
  • Alternate Fire: Slower firing rate, but significantly more accurate

April 20, 2001

Rocket Launcher

(URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher, AKA "Big Earl")

  • Description: The weapon is capable of firing its rockets in "dumb" or "homing" (i.e., heat-seeking) mode. Once homing mode is selected, it takes approx. 2.75 seconds for the thermal imaging sensor to achieve target lock. The weapon beeps when locked onto a target. Once fired, the rocket tracks the target until contact or until it runs out of fuel.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 15 cm High Explosive Rockets/6 Rounds
  • Range: Medium to Long
  • Primary Fire: Fires "dumb" rockets, automatically fires a rocket every 2 seconds
  • Alternate Fire: Engages heat-seeking mode - once a target is locked, fires the weapon

April 18, 2001

Riot Shield

(UBS-4 Ultor Riot Body Shield)

  • Description: A body-sized translucent shield that is used by the riot guards of Ultor. The riot shield is lightweight but can withstand blast and gunfire damage for a brief period of time.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: NA
  • Range: NA
  • Primary Fire: Swing Shield
  • Alternate Fire: NA

April 13, 2001

Rail Driver

(FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver)

  • Description: This weapon was brought to Mars by Col. Masako's mercenaries. Capable of firing metal slugs at ultra-high velocity, the rail gun can penetrate walls.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 1 round chamber
  • Range: Medium to Long
  • Primary Fire: Fires a metal slug
  • Alternate Fire: Engages the scope and allows you to see enemies through walls

April 10, 2001

Assault Rifle

(UAR-42 Ultor Military Assault Rifle)

  • Description: This weapon is designed to offer all the benefits of a full-length rifle in a compact design. It is capable of firing three-round bursts or full automatic fire. Compared to fully automatic fire, three-round bursts offer increased control and aim but potentially decreased force, unless fired at close range. The high-velocity armor-piercing shells inflict massive damage on unarmed targets and will penetrate body armor easily. This is the standard rifle issued to Ultor soldiers.
  • Ammo/Clip Size: 5.56mm high velocity armor piercing bullets/42 rounds
  • Range: Short to Long
  • Primary Fire: Fires a single three-round burst
  • Alternate Fire: Continuous automatic fire

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