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This page is intended to serve as an overview guide of the various features of Red Faction: Guerrilla's multiplayer mode, based on the PC version of the Re-Mars-tered edition.

The multiplayer of Red Faction: Guerrilla consists of 8 gamemodes, more than 19 weapons, 10 backpacks, and 41 maps. Gamemodes also have their own variable settings including the starting weapons and backpack, which are different per match in online matchmaking and fully customizable in private games.


Anarchy - Standard free-for-all deathmatch. Each kill counts as one point, first player to reach the score limit wins.

Team Anarchy - Team-based deathmatch with two teams. Each kill counts as a point for that players' team. First team to reach the score limit wins.

Capture the Flag - Each team has a flag at their base. Get your opponents flag from their base and bring it to yours to score a point. First team to reach the score limit wins.

Siege - One team attacks and the other defends. The attackers must destroy the marked structures, receiving points base don how much they destroyed and how quickly. The defenders must stop the attackers. Each game has two rounds, with both teams getting a chance to attack and defend. Each round ends either when time expires or the attackers destroy all structures. The team with the highest score after the second round wins.

Damage Control - Team-based. There are three targets on the map. The reconstructor is used to repair the targets, which score points for the team of the player that repaired them. Defend your teams targets while going after and destroying those under the control of the opponent.

Demolition - Team-based. Players are periodically designated the "destroyer", one per team at a time. While the destroyer, damage and destroy structures to score points for your team. The other members of the team defend the destroyer or seek out and kill the opponents destroyer, which also scores points and delays the time until they're able to have a new destroyer.

Bagman - A free-for-all gamemode where a bag spawns in the middle of the map. Be the first to reach the bag to hold it; while controlling the bag, you score points. First player to reach the score limit wins.

Team Bagman - Team-based version of bagman. Controlling the bag scores points for your team. First team to reach the score limit wins.


There are many different settings which can add variety to the way each game works and plays. Some gamemodes have settings that apply only to their specific gamemode. For instance, in Siege each team can have their own completely custome loadout.


There are 19 different handheld weapons which the player can spawn with or (with the exception of the sledgehammer) pick up on the map.

Image and Icon Name Info Type Destroys Structures
Rfg sledgehammer 1.jpg Sledgehammer The default melee weapon. It cannot be un-equipped. Melee Yes
Rfg assaultrifle.jpg Assault Rifle Standard automatic assault rifle. Medium range automatic No
Rfg pistol.jpg Pistol Semi-automatic pistol. Fires as fast as the player can press the button. A formidable and often underestimated weapon. Medium range semi-automatic No
Rfg peacekeeper.jpg Peackeeper Automatic shotgun. Close range automatic No
Rfg enforcer.jpg Enforcer Powerful assault rifle with homing bullets. Medium range automatic No
Rfg gaussrifle.jpg Gauss Rifle An automatic weapon which is effective against players but also breaks structures. Close range automatic Yes
Rfg sniperrifle.jpg Sniper Rifle A powerful weapon with a scope for long range shooting. No accuracy is lost when hip firing however, making it formidable at close range as well. Long range No
Rfg raildriver.jpg Rail Driver A scoped weapon which can shoot through walls. Enemies are highlighted, even through walls, up to a certain range. Long range No
Rfg singularitybomb.jpg Singularity Bomb A powerful time bomb placed directly underneath the player. A few seconds after being placed, the singularity bomb absorbs nearby structures and players alike, then detonates. Placed - time bomb Yes
Rfg proximitymines.jpg Proximity Mines Placed mines that activate when an enemy draws near. Their short activation time and large range make them very effective in the right situations. Up to four can be placed at a time. Placed mines disappear shortly after death. Placed - proximity detonation Yes
Rfg remotecharges.jpg Remote Charges Charges which can be thrown and will stick to surfaces. Up to four can be placed at a time. They can be detonated at any time by the player that placed them. Placed - remote detonated Yes
Rfg rocketlauncher.jpg Rocket Launcher Fires a rocket in a straight path, which explodes when it hits something, damaging players and structures. Any range Yes
Rfg reconstructor.jpg Reconstructor The reconstructor repairs structures in their original location. Broken pieces still present will vanish if their original location is reconstructed. Can also damage players. Repair tool Repairs
Rfg thermobaricrocket.jpg Thermobaric Rocket An rare and extremely powerful straight-shot rocket which causes massive damage on impact. Any range Yes
Rfg arcwelder.jpg Arc Welder An electric weapon which will cause constant damage to players in the vicinity, even if there are obstructions between the weapon and the enemy. Close range No
Rfg grinder.jpg Grinder Shoots slow-firing sawblades which cause significant damage to players on impact. Medium range No
Rfg nanorifle.jpg Nano Rifle A weapon which corrodes structures it's shot at. While effective against players, it is ideally suited to damaging structures supports from range. Any range Yes
Rfg shotgun.jpg Shotgun The Marauder shotgun, a powerful slow firing shotgun that deals significant damage at close range. Close range No
Rfg gutter.jpg Gutter A powerful melee weapon with a large range. The flag from capture the flag behaves similarly when held. Melee Yes


There are 10 different backpacks, each with their own unique function and use.












There are 41 maps available in custom matchmaking in multiplayer. Some of them are from previous DLCs, and some of them were previously exclusive to Wrecking Crew. Each map has a listed recommended number of players. However, in custom matchmaking any number of players can play on any map.

Thumbnail Name Suggested Players
Mp thumb assembly.png Outpost

AKA Assembly

6 - 10
Mp thumb broadside.png Broadside 4 - 8
Mp thumb cascade.png Cascade 6 - 12
Mp thumb complex.png Complex 4 - 10
Mp thumb compound.png Compound 4 - 8
Mp thumb cornered.png Cornered 10 - 16
Mp thumb crashsite.png Crash Site 4 - 8
Mp thumb crescent.png Crescent 10 - 16
Mp thumb crevice.png Crevice 8 - 14
Mp thumb crossover.png Doubletime

AKA Crossover

6 - 10
Mp thumb deadzone.png Deadzone 6 - 10
Mp thumb division.png Division 4 - 8
Mp thumb downfall.png Downfall 6 - 10
Mp thumb equilibrium.png Equilibrium 6 - 10
Mp thumb excavation.png Excavation 6 - 10
Mp thumb factory.png Factory 4 - 8
Mp thumb fallfactor.png Fall Factor 10 - 16
Mp thumb fortress.png Fortress 4 - 8
Mp thumb framework.png Framework 8 - 14
Mp thumb garrison.png Garrison 8 - 12
Mp thumb gauntlet.png Gauntlet 10 - 16
Mp thumb gradient.png Gradient 6 - 10
Mp thumb gulch.png Gulch 8 - 16
Mp thumb haven.png Haven 6 - 10
Mp thumb overpass.png Overpass 10 - 16
Mp thumb pinnacle.png Pinnacle 8 - 12
Mp thumb pipeline.png Pipeline 10 - 16
Mp thumb puncture.png Puncture 4 - 8
Mp thumb quarantine.png Quarantine 2 - 6
Mp thumb radial.png Radial 10 - 14
Mp thumb remnant.png Remnant 4 - 8
Mp thumb rift.png Rift n - n
Mp thumb sandpit.png Sand Pit 6 - 10
Mp thumb scrapheap.png Scrapheap 4 - 8
Mp thumb settlement.png Settlement 10 - 16
Mp thumb transmission.png Transmission 8 - 16
Mp thumb vista.png Vista 6 - 10
Mp thumb warlords.png Warlords 8 - 12
Mp thumb wasteland.png Wasteland 12 - 16
Mp thumb watchtower.png Watch Tower 4 - 8
Mp thumb wreckage.png Wreckage 10 - 16