Red Faction: Guerrilla Cheats

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    In-game UI

    Cheats are accessible through the in-game "Options" menu during gameplay. Cheats are unlocked upon completing achievements. When a cheat is enabled, the player is unable to earn new achievements or save their game.

    Cheat Description Required Achievement
    Cool Turrets Turrets do not overheat. Tank Buster
    Free Upgrades Upgrades can be purchased without salvage. Freedom Fighter
    Max Morale Morale is permanently kept at 100. Don't Tread On Me
    Max Technology EDF, Guerrilla, and Marauder fighters have the highest level armor and weapons. Red Dawn
    No Green Alert The alert permanently stays at yellow and above. One Man Army
    Super Debris All explosive impulses and damage from collisions are tripled. Coming Down
    Super Hammer Increases the strength of the Sledgehammer. Best Friends Forever
    Super Jetpack Doubles the Jetpack's maximum capacity. Broken Supply Line
    Super Sprinting The player's sprinting speed is 1.5x faster. Working the Land
    Super Toughness Increases the player's amount of damage resistance. Lost Memories
    Unlimited Ammo All weapons have infinite ammo. Freed Space