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Regions specify specific parts of a level in which properties different from the global level properties are applied.

Climbing Regions

Climbing regions specify parts of space in which the player can move in any direction freely, while a "climbing sound" plays. There are 2 types of climbing regions.

  • Chain Link Fence: Plays a rattling fence sound when player is moving.
  • Ladder: Plays a climbing sound when player is moving.

NOTE: The "Undefined" type of Climbing Region is used only when you have more than one different type selected and are editing properties.

Climbing regions can only be boxes inside of RED. You can specify the height, width, and depth of the box inside of the Climbing Region properties dialogue.

Push Regions

In a push region, the player gains acceleration in the direction that the push region is pointing.


A push region can be one of 3 shapes in RED.


Region is in the shape of a sphere. This shape of Push Region is buggy at best in RED.

Axis-Aligned Bounding Box

Both box types of Push Regions are used most often. In the case of the axis-aligned bounding box, the box is always positioned the same way, but the direction can be rotated on the region's local coordinates.

Oriented Bounding Box

This is the second type of box Push Region. In an oriented bounding box push region, the entire region is rotated locally, not just the direction.


The sphere shape is sized using a radius. A radius is the distance in any direction from the middle of the sphere. Both box shapes use height, width, depth sizings.


The strength of a push region is something which usually needs to be estimated and then tested, and if needed, refined. RED limits strength of Push Regions to 0-100. Higher values can be achieved through other means.


  • Mass Independent - Should the push region care what the objects mass is?
  • Radial - Supposed to push objects in either direction from the center. Buggy at best.
  • Grounded - Only affect objects when they are touching the ground?
  • Doesn't affect player - Should this push region affect the player or not?
  • Jump Pad - If checked, plays a jump pad sound when touched by a player. Strength is multiplied when this is checked.
  • Intensity - Self explanatory.
  • Turbulance - Value from 0-15. Shakes the player screen if a value besides 0 is specified. The specified value sets the amount of shakiness. 15 is max.

Gas Regions

Not functional

Geo Regions

Tells the engine which parts of the map can or cannot be geomodded.

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