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The splash screen of RED 1.2.

RED is the Red Faction Level Editor. RED is usually assumed to mean "Red EDitor". Internally, RED is called DED. Given Red Faction was effectively built from the ashes of the abandoned Descent 4 project, it's safe to assume DED was to be the name of the Descent 4 editor.

Levels in Red Faction are comprised of a mixture of BSP brushes and objects. .rfl is the extension used for level files.


RED is used to produce levels (maps) for Red Faction. Even though all official maps for the PS2 and PC versions of the game were originally developed using RED, there is currently no known way to play custom RED levels on the PS2 version of the game.

RED can also be used to test various edits when developing mods for the PC version of the game.


User Friendliness

RED drew on elements from all the other level editors and 3D applications that Volition's level designers had used in the past. They had RED designed the way they wanted.

Red is more like UnrealEd in the fact that you start with a solid world and carve out of it. We feel this is inherently faster and more intuitive than additive CSG editors. You also don't have to worry about those nasty leaks that you can get in Quake based engines. You can, however, still do additive CSG (make solid brushes) just as easily. The editor/engine doesn't care. Once the level is compiled, it's basically one big brush. „
— RF Level Editing Team
Red can be a bit steeper to learn than World Craft and UnrealEd, but you will have to judge for yourself of course. Our interface is text driven (not wacky icons like some other editors). That is, Red has text labels on top of every functional button within the editor to help identify what said button does. Red also uses a lot of hot keys. While it may take a little time to memorize all the hot keys, they are infinitely faster than clicking on buttons or navigating the pull down menus. Red is based in part from every editor and 3D program any of the designers on the RF team have used. We have all had input on it so while it shares some similarities with other editors out there, we feel it's much better than any of them. „
— RF Level Editing Team

RED Command Line Parameters

RED v2

RED v2 is the assumed name given to the level editor of Red Faction II, which, unlike it's predecessor, did not have it's level editor released. As such, very little is known about RED v2.