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A glitch is an unintended feature of Red Faction. Some glitches have been abused over the years while some have been moderately useful or entertaining.

Team Green Glitch

A exploit found prior to the Green Team Patch/1.3/Pure era in which a player could type "team "" into the console, placing themselves on a bugged team where they do not show on the scoreboard, but have access to all objects.

Eliminated in Pure Faction, Green Team Patch and Version 1.3

Baton Glitch

Most common bug found in RF multiplayer in which firing a baton before quickswitching to another weapon, causes the client to fire said weapon in a belligerent manner. Frequently abused with explosive weapons in public servers prior to Pure Faction.

Eliminated in Pure Faction

Reload Skip Glitch

One of the less common forms of glitching found in versions prior to Pure Faction. Constitutes any routine a player might employ to avoid reloading their current weapon once they have spent the clip entirely, or any method used to instantly refill their weapon's clip without delay. Usage of this glitch was predominantly found in RF's small clan scene. It is difficult to detect if a player is performing said glitch in versions prior to Pure.

Eliminated in Pure Faction

Remote Charge Glitch ("Mine Foot")

Typically refers to the anomaly where upon the contact of a Remote Charge to certain parts of player models (namely underneath the foot region), the player contacted will begin to fly upwards erratically and indefinitely, sometimes even through walls. This glitch has never really been abused, although it has been used humorously in public servers and sometimes even clanwars.

Ladder Climbing Glitch ("Better Flying Than Climbing")

This refers when the player climbs on a normal ladder , and while climbing (without releasing the movement button) hits the Escape button at the same time and remains in the Game Menu for any longer the player desires. In the Game Menu the player can hear the climbing sound even if the ladder ends as the result the player will fly in mid air. This has been used for cheating especially in difficult Run Maps. Although if the player cannot see wheres hes flying , it should get back in game but, then the player would fall off.

"Head Jump" Glitch

Typically refers to the anomaly which occurs when players run towards each other and one of them jumps before the other one. This causes a glitch with Red Faction's collision spheres and sends the "headjumped player" soaring into the air. The distance covered by the player depends on a number of factors and is usually considered unpredictable. Typically, distances range anywhere from 0.5m to 40m. The Red Faction mapper SEB93 made a map in which players compete to "head jump" as high as possible.

Team Glitch

The team glitch simply messes up the way RF dictates team-related events. For instance, you might be on the red team but show up with a blue skin.

Eliminated in Pure Faction

Fusion Beatdown

Due to the way RF handles death messages, it is possible to get "beat down" by someone's Fusion Rocket Launcher. This occurs when a player fires a fusion shot, and then quickly switches to the Control Baton before the fusion round hits its target. This occurs frequently when the fusion-wielding player is trying to baton glitch.

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