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  • The All Terrain Vehicle (usually refered to as the Jeep) is a vehicle in Red Faction.


    Relatively fast and lightly armored, the ATV is better served to be a vehicle that ferries you from one place to another while offering up some protection as opposed to an all out military weapon (which of course it was not intended to be). You can either hop in the front seat and drive your way around, or you can stop the ATV and hop in the back manning the GX240 medium class coaxial/pintle mount machinegun.



    Just Driving this vehicle is enough to kill people. Always use if you have low health as you can easily be picked off on the Gunners Seat.

    Machine Gunner

    The Machine Gun is a deadly alternative to driving and can clear a room full of enemies in less than 10 seconds. It's fast firing rate and heavy rounds are the Real Deal!


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