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Hey, names Robert Edward Goodermote Jr., 19 years old, spoken for, I am a web designer, a well known Wiki editor and a Red Faction Player.

Let me start off, I come from Wikipedia, at Wikipedia I was primarily antivandalism. However over time I grew disheartened by the Wikipedia processes, rules and guidelines and I slowly began to edit less and less. Eventually it came to one or two edits a month. Some where in the middle of my decrease in editing I became an editor at Wikia, at which point I managed to become (in)famous as the guy from the Spongebob Wiki who didn't want to shut up and take the random crap that was going on. However I stay because I have a community to run. Around the middle of my Wikia career and at the end of my Wikipedia career I began to run a home server, there I installed the Mediawiki software, 1.16WMF to be exact, and used as my personal blog/wiki. Some time in September of 2009 the server experienced irreversible damage and had to be shut down, no idea when I'll be replacing it or if I will. In addition I am a graphics editor, however I am right now with out a graphics program.that isn't GIMP...I only know Photoshop. I have experience in so many aspects of a wiki it isn't funny, so if anyone needs my assistances, I'll be lurking, most likely reading the articles to get a grasp of the site.

That's all from me! ^~^ - Rgoodermote  06:31, 8 September 2009 (UTC)