Red Faction Evolution

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Red Faction Evolution is a rumoured title that would have been part of the Red Faction series. Despite widespread speculation, no substantive information has ever been produced to support the idea that such a title has ever existed.


On May 28, 2019, user lashman on the MetaCouncil forums started a thread with a provocative title:

Red Faction Evolution might've just leaked. „
— lashman[2]

In the thread, lashman detailed how the compatibility list for Nvidia's then-recent GeForce Experience feature Ansel listed Red Faction Evolution among many other titles, and suggested this could be indicative of an impending product announcement.

Passionate fervor abounded in the days and weeks that followed, intensifying in some respects when Nvidia removed the name of the purported title from its Ansel compatibility list a short time later. [3]

In a May 29, 2019 conversation with Red Faction community member Goober, a THQ Nordic source directly disputed the rumour that a game entitled Red Faction Evolution was due to be announced in the coming weeks at E3 2019.[4]

Current Status

Absolutely no indication was provided contemporaneously by anyone associated with THQ Nordic or Deep Silver Volition that would have supported the allegation that a game titled Red Faction Evolution ever existed, and none has been provided since. Despite this reality, based on nothing more than a fleeting mention on an Nvidia product page, the thought that Red Faction Evolution once existed has continued to proliferate.