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Red Faction: Battlegrounds is a 2011 twin-stick shooter vehicular combat game set in the Red Faction universe. Battlegrounds is a spin-off of the Red Faction series and was developed by THQ Digital Studios UK and published by THQ and Syfy Games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store.


Battlegrounds focuses on fast-paced combat involving various vehicles and mechs from the Red Faction series; the majority of which come from Red Faction: Guerrilla, though DLC packs that add vehicles from both Red Faction: Armageddon and Red Faction: Origins are available. Players control their vehicles in a top-down perspective, navigating through compact arenas filled with hazards and power-ups.

The game's mechanics emphasize arcade-style action, with easy-to-learn controls but challenging gameplay. Players choose from a range of vehicles, each with unique weapons and abilities. The vehicle selection includes rovers, tanks, and walkers, all integral to the Red Faction lore.

Training Missions

Battlegrounds contains sixteen offline training missions, forming a kind of "pseudo-campaign." These training missions require the player to complete various types of challenges, with rankings of Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Completing these challenges awards the player with upgrades for their vehicles and achievements, with more rewards for higher rankings. Eight additional training missions were released as DLC.


Battlegrounds features local and online multiplayer for up to four players. Multiplayer features deathmatch, capture the flag, and king of the hill style game types.

Connection to the Series

While Battlegrounds differs in gameplay style from the main entries in the Red Faction series, it maintains thematic consistency with its source material. The game is set in the same universe and includes references to significant events and technology from the series, particularly those related to the terraforming of Mars and the struggle between the Earth Defense Force (EDF) and the Red Faction.


Upon release, Battlegrounds received mixed reviews from critics. The game was praised for its fun, action-packed multiplayer and the inclusion of familiar elements from the Red Faction series. However, it was roundly criticized for its lack of depth and limited single-player content. Despite its shortcomings, Battlegrounds provided fans of the series with an alternative way to engage with the universe.

List of Vehicles

Miner ATV

EDF Scout

EDF Medium Tank

Light Walker

EDF Crusader (Armageddon Pack)

LAV (Armageddon Pack)

LEO Exo Suit (Armageddon Pack)

Marauder Buggy (Armageddon Pack)

Marauder Chomper (Origins Pack)

Marauder Stomper (Origins Pack)

APC (Origins Pack)

Staff Car (Origins Pack)

List of Gamemodes


Team Deathmatch

King of The Hill

Capture the Flag

Flag Frenzy

Race (Origins Pack)

List of Maps

Ice Mine Eos | DM, TDM

The Fortress | DM, TDM, FF, Race

Chem-Zone | DM, TDM, CTF, FF

Parker Town | DM, TDM, FF

Particle Cannon 7 | DM, TDM, KoTH,

Wasteland | DM, TDM, CTF

Biohazard | DM, TDM, FF

Marauder Enclave | DM, TDM, KoTH,

Area 49 | DM, TDM

Magma Dock (Armageddon Pack) | DM, TDM, CTF, FF

Ice Chamber (Armageddon Pack) | DM, TDM, Race

White Faction Base (Origins Pack) | DM, TDM, KoTH, Race

Spill Site (Origins Pack) | DM, TDM

List of Training Missions

The Quick And The Dead




Badlands Bushwhack

Snatch And Grab

Hard Targets

The Briar Patch

Badlands Showdown

Wheels Of Fire

Toxic Takedown

Collateral Damage

Cold Day In Hell

Quick and Dirty


Final Fury

Frostbite (Armageddon Pack)

The Furnace (Armageddon Pack)

Red Ice (Armageddon Pack)

Boiling Point (Armageddon Pack)

Run And Gun (Origins Pack)

Blast From The Past (Origins Pack)

The Coffin (Origins Pack)

Riding Shotgun (Origins Pack)