Dash Faction Installation Guide

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What is Dash Faction?

Dash Faction is a free and open source Red Faction game patch designed to fix original game bugs, improve compatibility with modern hardware and software, extend functionality, enhance graphics quality, and improve engine performance. Dash Faction has been in development since 2016 and is the most fully featured Red Faction patch ever released.

List of Most Important Dash Faction Features
General Single player Multiplayer Dedicated servers Map / mod development
Full Steam compatibility Autosave at the start of each level Higher tick rate Timer bug fixes Fixes for level editor bugs
Modern OS/hardware compatibility Fixed submarine explosion bug Performance & stability improvements Fixes for critical security vulnerabilities Resolution/aspect ratio fixes
High & widescreen resolution support Fixed other framerate-related bugs Improved map autodownloader Crash & other stability fixes Custom models for multiplayer maps
Direct mouse input Enhanced campaign functionality Click-to-Join (rf:// protocol handler) Lightweight server console Raised editor/engine limits
Anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering Fixed cutscene synchronization Run map enhancements Hitsounds DDS texture support
Higher FPS limit & configurable FOV Ability to skip cutscenes First person & free look spectate Map voting Expanded debug functionality
High resolution HUD & vector fonts Widescreen & custom resolution support Multiplayer anticheat Additional configurable options Additional editor improvements

How do I get Dash Faction?

  1. Download and run the installer program from FactionFiles.com.
  2. Click the Next button until Select RF.exe location appears.
  3. Enter the path to your RF.exe file. The path will most likely be correct without you needing to change it. If it's blank or incorrect, click "Browse", and locate your RF.exe file inside your Red Faction folder. For Steam copies, this is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Red Faction\RF.exe and for retail copies, it's usually C:\games\RedFaction\RF.exe
  4. If a prompt appears stating "Detected Red Faction version is not directly supported by Dash Faction", click OK. The necessary patches will automatically be installed for you.
  5. Click the Next button until Select additional tasks appears.
  6. Keeping the default options selected on this page is recommended. If you are using a Steam copy of the game, you should also enable "Replace the Red Faction launcher with the Dash Faction launcher" to allow Dash Faction to be launched via Steam, make the Steam overlay work properly, and allow Steam to track your time spent playing Dash Faction.
  7. Click Install, then Finish
  8. The launcher will appear - go to Options and customize as you wish (but don't change Game executable).
  9. Launch the game from now on by opening DashFactionLauncher.exe and clicking Launch Game.

I'm having an issue or have questions, What do I do?

Join the FactionFiles community Discord and send a message in the #dashfaction-support channel, we'll give you a hand.

Our Discord is also the place where virtually all Red Faction community activity is organized - including game night events, competitive matchmaking, and mod development initiatives - so feel free to drop by!

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