Cutscene Tutorial 2

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So you wanna make a cutscene eh? Think your up to it? Well you kept reading so i guess you are, Well first off u must add a cutscene to a map that works, not an open box well i can but it it'll be uhh stupid, ok ill get on with it.....

Step 1

Open Objects mode and create as many cutscene path nodes as are needed to move the camera you are working with in the manner you wish. (no less than 4)

Step 2

Create a Cutscene Camera (write down its UID). Place the camera the direction you want it to point, if you dont it may look at somewhere stupid,but you can make the camera look at a unit, object etc)

Step 3

Place a Cutscene trigger, Event-v , Level-v Cutscene (3rd down)

Step 4

SAVE just incase it crashes this is where most people get stuck, first off select the cutscene event that you just placed and do the following exactlly as i say: Hit the HOME key Hold ENTER (the numpad one to the right) till the game camera exits the level (must be done in the freelook area) Then hold the 6 key (the numpad one to the right agian) until you do a 360 (best to do a 380 or something to make sure)

Step 5

Do NOT TOUCH NOTHING. Simply right click and hit properties, if red crashes repeat step 4, it has to be done perfect

Step 6

(dont close the properites box during these steps) SAVE just to make sure it dont crash Now the hard part is over, select the camera path nodes (in order you want your camera to go) and then hit edit paths on the cutscene box, then it the box that just popped up name the path "1"

Step 7

Hit ok and click the ADD button, then fill in the fields

Step 8

Now click apply Then Close

Step 9

Now link a trigger to your cutscene and your ready to watch it

 *WARNING* dont link a auto trigger to a cutscene *WARNING*