Battle Armour

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  • The Battle Armour (SOP-MA1) is a vehicle in Red Faction II.


    The Battle Armour is one of the various land type vehicles seen throughout Red Faction II. It is used by both the player and enemies throughout the story. The player is able to access the Battle Armour during the Sopot's Citadel and the Inside The Nano Base levels.

    The Battle Armour is also featured in several missions' Bonus Objectives in which destroying them gives a boost to the player's Heroics meter.

    Designed to complement Sopot's Nanotechnology experiments, the Battle Armour was created to provide Sopot's super-soldiers with a fully controllable and nearly unstoppable personal combat system. Armed with dual Mini-Guns (Hyper SOP-9XF) these suits are able to deliver armour piercing shells as well as high explosive rockets and incendiary rounds fired from each shoulder mounted pod. These highly mobile battle suits are equally devastating to both ground forces and armoured units.


    The Battle Armour is fortified with three means of firepower. Use the Primary and Alternate Fire controls to engage the right and left Mini-guns, respectively. Throw Grenade will launch an incendiary grenade and the Jump key will launch a missile in the default control configuration. The Battle Armour's health is displayed as a number near the centre of the HUD. You can control the Battle Armour as if Alias were walking on his own.


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