Basic Liquids

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Rededitlogo1.jpg Tutorial: Basic Liquids
Editing Main Page Written by: Volition

To create a simple pool of water, follow these steps:

  1. create an average room-size air brush (about 4 meters high with a width and depth of 12 meters).
  2. Make a second smaller air brush in the floor of the room to act as the pool. (note: if you have areas in your room that is lower than the pool of water, you may want to make the room it’s own portal so the water won’t fill from lower points in the room)
  3. Put a "Room Effect" object in the pool air brush and set it’s "Effect Type" property to "Liquid Room" in the pulldown. (note: hit CTRL+P on the selected object to bring up it’s properties dialog).
  4. While in the properties dialog for the Room Effect object, go ahead and play with the liquid properties to get the type of water effect you want. Make sure you at least give it a water texture and set a good Depth for your pool of water.
  5. Now add a light to the room so you can see the water in the game, rebuild and re-light your level, then run it.