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Backpacks Of The Week is a feature which was inspired by Weapon of the Week.

June 10 2009: Support Backpacks

Backpacks of the Week

Firepower & Heal

You can’t win without teamwork, and these two packs support that in spades. Firepower lets you deal massive damage with the weapon of your choosing. Use it to provide covering fire for teammates on the run, or get that extra damage booth to take down an enemy quickly.

Of course, increased firepower can always be countered by the Heal pack. Use the Heal backpack to quickly regenerate health for you and nearby teammates. A well timed heal may be the difference between victory and defeat.

May 27 2009: Movement Backpacks

Backpacks of the Week

Jetpack & Fleetfoot

If you want to win, you’ll need to be able to get around the world quickly and efficiently. The Jetpack allows you to get airborne and attack your enemies from above. Try using the jetpack with remote charges to rain death on the opposing team or alongside the Arc Welder for a shock from above.

If air travel isn’t your thing, there’s always the Fleetfoot. The Fleetfoot pack gives you a temporary speed boost, which is helpful when using a sledgehammer or shotgun. Increased speed will allow you to close the distance on an enemy quickly for a bloody kill, or run away from a fire fight while you still have some health.

May 22 2009: Recon Backpacks

Backpacks of the Week

Stealth & Vision

To succeed, you’ll need two things: Teamwork, and the ability to quickly assess the battlefield. The Stealth pack makes you nearly invisible to enemies. Use it to sneak within striking distance of them, but be warned that attacking will deactivate your cloaking shield.

It’s not as simple as it sounds though: Stealth can be countered with the Vision pack.The Vision pack will give you X-Ray vision, allowing you to see enemies through any structure. With the Vision pack, no one can hide from you.

May 19 2009: Defensive Backpacks

Backpacks of the Week

Concussion & Tremor

Like the old saying goes, sometimes the best offense is a good defense. The Concussion pack sends out a concussive wave around you, knocking down nearby enemies. The best counter for an enemy charging with a Fleetfoot is a well-timed Concussion blast.

Another helpful way to keep enemies at bay is the Tremor pack. Activating the Tremor causes the area around the player to shake violently. Structures will be damaged and the intense shaking will disorient nearby enemies. Use the Tremor pack to quickly level the playing field—literally.

May 14 2009: Destructive Backpacks

Backpacks of the Week

Rhino & Thrust

Your enemies may have taken cover inside a building, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to them. The Rhino pack turns you into an unstoppable force. No structure is safe when using the Rhino pack. Surprise your enemies by barreling through the wall they’re using for cover. You will also be invulnerable while performing a Rhino charge, so use it wisely when in a firefight.

Thrust works similar to the Rhino, but in a different axis. This pack allows you to ascend or descend with destructive velocity. Enemies above and below are no longer safe when the Thrust pack is in play. Ascend with the usual activation button or descend by holding jump followed by the activation button. Just like the Rhino, you will be invulnerable while using the Thrust backpack.

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