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Backpacks are Red Faction: Guerrilla's powerup system.

Backpack Rack


Backpack Racks are scattered throughout maps. To pickup a backpack, you walk over to the rack and hit your "Pickup Backpack" button.

Normally, players will spawn with some backpack which is defined by the server settings.


Icon Image Name Function
I concussion.jpg Bp concussion.jpg Concussion Generates a shockwave that launches nearby enemies, debris and structures
I rhino.jpg Bp rhino.jpg Rhino Makes the user invunerable and pushes them straight through any structures
I fleetfoot.jpg Bp fleetfoot.jpg Fleetfoot Makes the user move quickly
I firepower.jpg Bp firepower.jpg Firepower Amplifies the user's weapon damages
I na.jpg Bp heal.jpg Heal Heals the health of the user and nearby teammates
I na.jpg Bp stealth.jpg Stealth Makes the user nearly invisible until they shoot or the backpack runs out of energy
I na.jpg Bp tremor.jpg Tremor Generates an earthquake which destroys nearby structures and disorients nearby enemies
I jetpack.jpg Bp jetpack.jpg Jetpack Propels the user upward
I na.jpg Bp thrust.jpg Thrust Pushes the user upward or downward through any structures in one quick boost
I na.jpg Bp vision.jpg Vision Allows the user to see enemies through structures

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