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Safehouses are small bases established by the Red Faction. In Red Faction: Guerrilla, safehouses provided Alec Mason with ammunition, upgrades (purchasable with salvage), and shelter from the Earth Defense Force's forces. Such areas also tended to store at least one vehicle with a mounted weapon.

Safehouses are where Transporter, Collateral Damage, and House Arrest missions are completed. They are also where Alec Mason respawns after dying, and where the game is continued from when a save file is loaded. Entering a safehouse returns the alert level to green.


  • It is possible to provoke the EDF to attack a safehouse, if you attack a convoy or an APC and then return to base. Your alert level will not return to normal, and the EDF will keep coming (albeit usually in small groups) until the convoy or APC is destroyed or until it reaches its destination. It's a good opportunity to see the Red Faction use those turrets they have lying around safehouses.
  • Killing several Red Faction personnel at a safehouse will result in some of the insurgents becoming invulnerable and counterattacking. Nothing, not even the Nano Rifle, can kill them.