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Here is a listing of all the currently active Red Faction clans.

THIS PAGE IS INCOMPLETE! If you want to add your clan, copy and paste the "Example Clan" as a template.

Missing clans:

  • M.I.G
  • +tbh+ (Dead?)
  • .iCc (Dead?)
  • VzlaArmy
  • 81
  • XR (Dead?)
  • cDc (Dead?)
  • [JtB] (Dead?)
  • .:DZ:. (Dead?)

Old clans that are definitely dead:

  • ]eVe[
  • +PluS+
  • =DNR=
  • iCe.
  • <L-S> (Dead, even though some members still use the tags)

Example Clan

Tag: [ExC]

Members: 20 (As of July 3, 2008)

Description: This is an example clan. We are really good at the game. Woohoo!

Website: Example Clanbase

Australian Evolution

Tag: .|[Æ]|. Australian Evolution

Members: 20+ (As of September 18, 2018)

Description: Australian Based Clan in most Games including ASH - Aussie Server Hosting

Website: Australian Evolution Or Aussie Server Hosting

Audi Vide Sile

Tag: avs.

Members: 12 (As of 02.01.2009)

Description: Clan currently active at Red Faction and FEAR

Website: None

Red Faction Assassins

Tag: {RFA}

Members: 11 (As of October 15, 2008)

Description: Members of this clan have been known for awesomeness and turtles. They play with honor and claim to be one of the older clans starting in 2005.

Website: Beyond Epic

Good Game

Tag: [99ame]

Members: 7 active 18 registered (As of November 7, 2008)

Description: Da German Clan. Nobody Likes Us,We Don't Care!

Website: 99ame Clan Website


Tag: (NZL)

Members: 13 (As of April, 2009)

Description: A clan dedicated to people who play RF in New Zealand.

Website: NZL Clan Website

Run Masters

Tag: -R:M-

Members: 12 (January 2010)

Description: A Running clan that keeps running!

Website: RunMasters Website


Tag: <Voltz>

Members: 22 (As of February 1, 2009)

Description: One of the best clans in Red Faction.

Website: Voltz website

Genesis Evolution

Tag: .Ge#

Members: 13 (As of March 29, 2009)

Description: A French Red Faction team !

Website: Ge Website

Liberation Armada

Tag: =LA=

Members: 15 (Unconfirmed)

Description: This is an international clan with members from the England, Ireland, Germany, the Netherland, The USA, and Australia.

Website: Liberation Armada Mainsite