RF:G Vehicle Guide

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Faction Image Name Characteristics Seats Weapons
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh scout.jpg Scout Fast, highly mobile 2 Roof-mounted LightMG
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh staffcar.jpg Staff Car Medium speed, light armour 4 Roof-mounted HeavyMG, Gauss Turrent,
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh supplytruck.jpg Supply Truck Large, unarmoured 3 Roof-mounted HeavyMG
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh apc.jpg APC Mobile, light armour 8 Roof-mounted HeavyMG
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh artillerytank.jpg Artillery Tank Moderate armour 1 Missile pods
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh heavytanka.jpg Heavy Tank-A Slow, mobile, destructive 2 Heavy cannon, HMG turret
Rfg aim 03.jpg Veh assaultaircraftaax.jpg Assault Aircraft - AAX Light armour 1 MG turret OR Gauss turret
Rfg aim 09.jpg Jenkins' Jetter MG and Rocket Turret
Rfg aim 09.jpg Veh heavywalker.jpg Heavy Walker Slow, very destructive 1 Arms
Rfg aim 09.jpg Veh combatwalker.jpg Combat Walker Mobile, destructive 1 Arms, rockets
Rfg aim 09.jpg Veh lightwalker.jpg Light Walker Highly mobile, jumpjets, destructive 1 Arms
Rfg marauder.jpg Chomper A dune buggy with two seats 2 Dual Harpoon Turrents or Dual LightMGs
Rfg marauder.jpg Stomper A Marauders truck with three seats and a built-in turrent 4 360 degree rotating LightMG
Rfg marauder.jpg Raider 1 None
Rfg marauder.jpg Jetter A Marauders vehicle capable of carrying 4 people including the driver and gunner 4 Harpoon Turrent