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Starting and Surviving a Firefight

Start a Firefight by ramming an EDF patrol car,
encapment, facility, or toll booth. Any
thing that will get them mad and your alert
level to yellow. The ramming is the hardest way
to start one.
The cars consist of 1 driver and normally 1
gunner. They are easy to take out with an assault 
rifle or mounted gun. Blowing that car up will atract
the closest bases attention. If your in the
middle of no where this won't work. The base,
encapment, facility, or toll booths' troopers
will run over to help. Taking them out and any
other veichles the send at you will get the
alert level to orange. 

They will eventually be cleared out of the
base and on the battle field. you should have
3-4 gurrillas following you, to keep them
alive, have them follow you into the base
and fight from there. I once faught for about
45 minutes, hunkered down in a mining facility
building with one gurrilla in Parker as a noob.
The EDF Attacked in waves of about 7-15 troopers
and 1-2 heavy transports. There were about 6 Heavy
Trnsp. blocking the only path that the EDF seemed to take. 

Destroying groups like that will bring the alert
level to blood red, the highest. At this time,
my gurrillas were dead and I was up against 20-25
troopers, 2-3 Heavy Trnsp., 2-3 Patrol cars and 0-1
tanks per wave. In these fights you will need to use
my car blow-up trick. Between waves, get the veichles
to start smoking out of the hoods with your sledge hammer
or a minor ammount of charges. If the EDF ram them or
shoot them, they will explode and destroy the surrounding
damaged cars. You can either shoot the cars yourself
when the enemy is close or place charges on all or one
of them. A perfect trap.
Fighting and driving back waves will increase the morale

of the sector and will get you a lot of salvage after the fight. The more morale the sector has, the more salvage you get when a gurrilla action is completed. Remember that.

Add any tips or tricks I might have missed!