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Action in Dust
Map of a target in Dust

Dust is a sector of Tharsis, Mars, and is a dirty and rough environment. Dust is home to all remaining mining operations on the planet.


Dust is the sector where if you don't mind working for the corporations, or rather, do work for the corporations, is where you call home. Near the center of the map is where the actual town of dust is. Inside, there is a bar, a jailhouse, a hospital, and various other buildings. Far to the north is the EDFs main windfarm, where each windmill ripped down in this sector goes towards further liberation of the sector. To the south is mountains, with a few guerrilla actions spread throughout the map. The Red Faction actually has two safehouses in this sector, one in the north a short distance from the Dust Town Hall, and another in the south safely nestled in the mountains.


EDF maintain a mining operation in Dust in the form of the ark corporation mines and numerous storage and processing facilities.


  • The two High Importance targets in this sector are the living quarters for EDF officers, and the Dust Town Hall, which has been fortified into a near fortress. The living quarters is only accessed by a road that is protected by several bunkers and gauss turrets, as well as roadblocks and an occaisional gunship in the air.
  • The Thrasis wind farm to the north is composed of about 12 windmills, each being supported by four legs. Although the task of destroying all three sounds like a near impossible task, the windmills themselves are not structurally sound, and downing just one of their legs usually results in the destruction of the target.


Overall, Dust is an average blend of both EDF and the occasional Marauders ambush. With the addition of Heavy Walker, no building, soldier, turret, vehicle, anything really, can stand in the way of Mason in his attempt to liberate Dust