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Red Faction

In the singleplayer campaign, cheats are ussualy enabled by pressing the ~ button to open the console. The cheat codes are:

bighugmug it gives the player all the weapons and maximum ammunition.

vivalahelvig makes the player invincible to gun fire and falling off from high cliffs. (except high-preasure steams)

heehoo gives the ability to fly around but when the player gets in contact with any liquid the cheat goes off.

camera1 it changes the player's FOV camera to first-person mode.

camera2 moving the FOV camera around away from the respective player.

camera3 third-person view camera mode.

Red Faction II

Enter the following code at the "Cheats" sub-menu, which is found at the main screen by going to "Extras", then "Cheats":


This will unlock all in-game cheats. It has to be "activated" by putting a checkmark next to it. You can also access this menu during game play by pressing [Esc], then going to "Cheats". The cheat options are as follows:

   Restore Health - XXYWYWZ
   All Weapons - Y
   Unlimited Ammo - YWXZYZXW
   Unlimited Grenades - ZXZYXZXZ
   Select Level - ZYXWYZXX
   Finish Game - YXYX
   Rapid Rail Mode - ZYZYXXWW
   Gibbed Explosion Mode - WZXYWZXY
   Gibbed Ammo Mode - XXXXYZXX
   Extra Chunky Mode - ZZZZWXZZ
   Directors Cut Mode - YXZWZXYW
   Walking Dead Mode - XXXXXXXX
   Wacky Deaths Mode - WWWWWWWW
   Rain Of Fire Mode - YYYYYYYY
   Bouncing Bombs Mode - ZZZZZZZZ
   Explosive Mode - X