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Nano Rifle

The Nano Rifle is one of the 19 weapons availible in Red Faction: Guerrilla.


It is one of the most highly rated weapons in the game, and quite rightly so, as very little can stand in it's way. The Nanorifle shoots matter-eating swarms of nanobots that slowly disintegrate anything they come into contact with, be they structural supports or human beings. --- The nanites created by the Nano Forge will deconstruct solid matter, like a wall, in seconds. The technology is highly advanced and the EDF wants it, so keep it safe.

Recommendation: Create a new entranceway into a building or take out a vehicle. Also, hit any enemy with a well placed shot to obliterate them. If you shoot right in front of you at a wall it should make a hole big enough to let you through. You may have to crouch to get through. Destroying things from a distance can be more useful than many realise, as you can remove one wall of a building and bring the rest crashing down on an EDF team approaching you. You can destroy a shield that a EDF trooper is using by shooting the shield with the Nanorifle, but the trooper will survive. When facing a gunship, try to take out one of the wings, this will put the flyer off center and cause it to plummet to the ground, where it will either explode or disintigrate.


These upgrades can be purchased from Sam at any of the safehouses. They increase the rifles effectivity greatly.

Increased Ammo: Allows Alec to carry 10 extra clips of ammo for the Nanorifle.

Effective Nanites: Allows the rifle to instantly kill any opposing infantry, and disintigrate vehicles better.


When using this weapon against EDF troops they will react with terror, occasionally pausing in shock to watch one of their comrades dissolve into dust. Mason can use this moment of distraction to remove the rest of the team.

Do NOT use the Nanorifle to destroy a vehicle you intend to blow up with the MOAB! Since the Nanorifle causes targets to "dissolve" rather than explode, a MOAB-equipped vehicle will NOT detonate if destroyed using the Nanorifle. Use standard explosives and weapons instead.


  • Ammo/Clip Size: 5
  • Primary Fire: Semi-automatic deconstructing nanite beam
  • Alternate Fire: Sideways bash
  • Pros: Each shot contains nanites that eat away at matter in a about a 5 foot radius of the epicenter of the hit, deteriorating walls and instantly killing human targets.
  • Cons: Nanites aren't as aggresive toward organic matter (multiplayer)
  • Faction: Ultor