L5: Geothermal Power Plant

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L5: Geothermal Power Plant
Goal Sabotage the Geothermal Power Plant and get out alive.
Maps L5S1.rfl, L5S2.rfl, L5S3.rfl, L5S4.rfl
Follows L4: Abandoned Mine
Precedes L5: Corporate HQ

Geothermal Power Plant is the fifth level/chapter in the Red Faction single player campaign. It consists of 4 individual maps and begins just after Parker escapes the ventilation system at the end of L4: Abandoned Mine. It is followed by L5: Corporate HQ.

L5S1: Plant Entrance

Features Security checkpoint
Author Matt Boynton
Enemies Ultor Guard, Ultor Commander
Vehicles N/A
Weapons Stationary Turret, Assault Rifle, 12mm Pistol

After escaping the ventilation system and passing the old rock crusher, Parker's goal is set on the Geothermal Power Plant. First though, he battles through a heavily armed guard checkpoint at the plant's entrance.

L5S2: Geothermal Power Plant

Features 5 facilities: lava control, water reclamation, turbines, water control, main controls
Author Matt Boynton
Enemies Ultor Guard, Ultor Commander
Vehicles N/A
Weapons Shotgun, Assault Rifle, 12mm Pistol

On Eos' direction, Parker infiltrates the Ultor Geothermal Power Plant and sabotages the 4 primary facilities - lava control, water reclamation, turbines, and water control. Then, aided by an allied Ultor technician, he sabotages the plant's main control room aswell, destroying the facilities and sending the plant into lockdown. With little time before certain death, Parker escapes via the submarine bay.

L5S3: Sub Bay

Features Submarine bay
Author Matt Boynton
Enemies Ultor Guard, Sea Creature, hostile Submarine
Vehicles Submarine
Weapons 12mm Pistol, Sniper Rifle

While the power plant lies in ruin, Parker breaks into the submarine bay control room to release the vehicle, then hops into it and makes his way to the underwater research center. Along the way, enemy submarines and vicious sea creatures pose a challenge.

Bug: Exploding Submarine

  • On all versions of Red Faction except Dash Faction, if your framerate is high (60+) when the crane releases the submarine, it will be instantly destroyed. It's highly recommended that you play the game with Dash Faction to avoid this bug (as well as countless other severe bugs).
  • Read more in the Red Faction FAQ

L5S4: Underwater Research

Features Underwater research facility
Author Matt Boynton
Enemies Ultor Guard, Ultor Commander, hostile Submarine
Vehicles N/A
Weapons Shotgun, Assault Rifle, 12mm Pistol, Riot Shield

Parker makes it to the Ultor underwater research facility, only to find out that Eos is sending him on another mission - to kidnap Ultor's deputy administrator - Gryphon. At the end of this level, Parker loses all of his weapons and armor, and dons a business suit in preparation for his incursion in L6: Corporate HQ.