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This article is about the Mars settlement. For the Red Faction character, see Eos.

Eos is the most technologically advanced and wealthiest sector in Tharsis and on all of Mars. The city features sleek and towering buildings of white and blue glass and whiter terrain and sky than Parker, Dust, or Oasis. This city is named after Eos, the Red Faction leader from the first Red Faction.


This is the most important sector the EDF have, housing not only important civilians, but also General Roth himself. The Red Faction has two safehouses in this sector. There are many Light Walkers in this sector, which are often useful for destroying light vehicles and buildings, as well as many Combat Walkers found in and around the EDF Central Command to the north, useful for destroying key buildings.


Eos is the seat of the EDF-controlled Martian government, The Martian Council, centred in Hendrix Hall. It also holds the economic summit in which corporate puppets and tycoons from Earth will discuss plans to further their greed through expansion of their assets on Mars.


The EDF have their best troops in this sector. When a red alert is raised, expect gunships, APCs, and possibly tanks to be brought to restore order. Marauder presence in this area is minimal.

Walker Locations

A Light Walker is situated near a Guerrilla Crate by two tall buildings (Where the economic summit was held.) (leave the eastern Safehouse on the northbound road). This walker respawns.