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Developers, developers, developers, developers!

~ Steve Ballmer on Developers

This article is regarding Red Faction

Many third party Red Faction developers have popped up over the years. This page will list the most influential ones.


TrotSkie is a well known Red Faction Developer and perhaps the most educated to ever touch the game. TrotSkie worked on the unofficial Version 1.3 for the game years ago. He also began the Pure Faction project. He released an extremely early beta of Pure Faction, an external application coded in Delphi, and subsequently left the community.

Before leaving, TrotSkie released Ingame Weapon Config and after he returned, before the latest Pure Faction version, he released Rail Server.

After a several year hiatus from the game, TrotSkie returned in late 2007 and is hard at work on the new version of Pure Faction, which is now built into the RF executable by means of assembly language.

Known products:


SubZ was one of Red Faction's well known developers. Over the years, he has released such products as Spectator, Lazyban, Anti-Crash Patch, Green Team Fix, and worked on the unofficial Version 1.3.

Little is known about SubZ's current whereabouts, other than the fact that he hasn't been seen, at least in RF, for years. His last released product, Spectator, was released in mid August, 2003.

Known products:


harmLE$$ (also refered to as "Wub") helped make the unofficial Version 1.3 patch.

Known products:


NebulaMods is a website designed and operated by digital_ruler and Goober. These are the same two developers who founded the Time will Tell development team and as such, when NebulaMods was launched, began developing under the NebulaMods name as opposed to the Time will Tell name.

When Pure Faction v2.0 was released, it included a map autodownloader which was developed by NebulaMods and TrotSkie. The maps are downloaded from This map downloader has been included with every Pure Faction version since.

NebulaMods has branched its original Red Faction-related sections into a separate website called Faction Files.


Time will Tell

Time will Tell consisted of digital_ruler and Goober. Time will Tell was a development team that was formed in late July 2007 and was closed in late August 2008. Although Time will Tell as a whole no longer exists, both Time will Tell developers have moved on to be the owners and operators of All future releases will be released under the NebulaMods name as opposed to the TwT name.

Known products:


Developer who became active in 2008/2009.

Known products:


SnipedDragon is probably most famous for his Red Buster project. Back in early 2007, SnipedDragon began work on an anti-cheat tool. This tool had two components, one being a proxy that sat between the game server and the internet, and another that the clients had to run that would scan for cheats and send information back to the server who would either grant or deny access to the game. This project was deemed dead when he announced that he was no longer working on it, for reasons not made public.

Known products:


GamerOnLinux has made a custom RF server that can run on Linux without the need for a compatibility layer like WINE. It has not been released.

Known products:


Little is known about this developer, other than the fact that he made RFASU 1_6 back in mid August, 2003.

Known products:


freedumb is a developer that started out very early in Red Faction's life. He is believed to have left around late 2002.

Known products:


Hermit, sometimes called Hermit_R or Hermit[R], released some tools for Red Faction. They include RF Server Assist, RF Patch Switcher, and Hermit's Reticles.

Known products:

Descent Network

The oldest known Red Faction development team. Made many products that are still in use today like VPP Builder.

Known products:


Little is known about this developer except the fact that he made RF MapsX.vpp Processor and RF Central

Known products:

-=[DD]=- Match

Match was the first to develop and commercially release a stand alone server browser for RF. He also created the RF name editor.

Known products: